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Single for $49.50

21-70 for $34.65 each

100-299 for $24.77 each

500-999 for $15.84 each

Learn effective sales methods designed for personal professional growth.  The Sound Selling Audio Book will teach you how to be successful in sales while allowing you to achieve your professional and personal goals. Live a happier more fulfilling life starting today.This program is for people who need to sell services, products and solutions; entrepreneurs, business owners, trade professionals, and sales professionals.
A new and simple blended learning method for a sales person, sales manager, sales team or other growth oriented professional closer to his or her own clearer view of how to reach their goals.
Our purpose is to inspire driven people to learn in a comfortable, yet motivational environment. This program initially requires time to listen – anytime or anyplace it's convenient. Learning is accomplished by positive affirmations, unique meditative musical interludes and a thought process that parallels the idea of constant mind calisthenics. It works without all the over-sensationalized effort and stress that is commonly associated with other sales training.
The Sound Selling Audiobook™ “A Clearer View of How to Reach Your Goals” 
Contents: Enhanced Multimedia Program: CD run-time over one hour, an unabridged 21-page 20 MB ADOBE .pdf eBook in English and or Español, notebook, and pencil – plus free online resources including a yearly Sales Plan and the “Professional Sales IQ” sales competency evaluation.
ISBN 0-9746871-2-X, $49.50 suggested retail. Available from Baker & Taylor, Amazon, Orchard, Learn Out Loud, CollinsEducational.com and most major business bookstores. Publication Date: September, 2004 Genres: Business / Sales / Motivational / Personal Career Development.

2-20 for $39.60 each

71-99 for $29.69 each

300-499 for $19.80 each

1,000 plus for $12.69 each

Develop your professional and personal goals while learning how to be successful in sales   Purchase today and you'll automatically receive 30% savings off your entire order.