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Sound Selling Program News
January 11, 2014 
Collins Educational offers their Free updated Sales Plan

  • Award-Winning line up enhanced with new content and rerecorded 
  • PDF now in Español & English available at iTunes 

March 17 2010
Collins Educational introduces a new web site with download Now and multi license functions

November 22, 2007
Collins Educational offers their Free 2008 Sales Plan

March 17, 2006
Collins Educational introduces an Espanol version of the Award-Winning Sound Selling Audiobook

October 21, 2005 
The American Society for Training and Development New Hampshire Chapter Dan Collins presents The Art of Successful Networking

June 3, 2005
BookExpo America, NY
ForeWord Magazine’s Book of the Year Award 
Motivational Sales Training & Personal Growth Program Wins Another Award at BookExpo America in New York
Book of the Year Award Winner

May 5, 2005 
Featured on NH Public Television Channel 11 (NHPTV) 

March - July 2005
Volunteer Guest Speaker at the New Hampshire Youth Development Center. Conducting an ongoing 5 part series titled “Your Successful Game Plan for Life" 

February 21, 2005 
Live Guest on KTRS Radio 

January 12, 2005
Guest Speaker: International Association of Administrative Professionals

November 8, 2004
Live Guest on WGIR AM 610 The Charlie Sherman Show 

USA Book News "Best Books 2004" Award Winner
Winner - "Sound Selling Audiobook" by Collins Educational

November 2004
Featured Article in Business NH Magazine (page 8)

October 27, 2004
LIVE GUEST on KXLO with Fred Clark 
"The Hidden Reason Millions of Americans Won't Be Able to Afford to Retire”

September 27, 2004
Collins Educational NEWS RELEASE: 

Innovative Sound Selling Audiobook™ ISBN 097468712X Applies Advanced “Blended” Learning Research Techniques to help people reach their goals.
New program creates a simplified and results-oriented path for a new level of assurance in professional selling.
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Download Now!
An original educational and motivationally enhanced Audiobook incorporating 15 “Keynote” Professional Selling Techniques with original complementary musical interludes is creating excitement in the corporate and business sales world. Collins Educational, LLC of Mashpee, Massachusetts has introduced the “Sound Selling Audiobook™”, a first of its kind Audiobook that draws upon proven cognitive learning techniques.
The 15 Keynotes to Improve Your Personal Effectiveness were developed by the people at Collins Educational. After attending a fund raising concert for his son’s critically ill music teacher, Dan Collins realized that he could integrate the 15 Keynotes professional selling techniques by including the influence of music. This presentation stands out among other typical sales training messages because it draws upon educational and learning research that accentuates its effectiveness. Cognitive psychologists, such as Howard Gardner of Harvard University, have confirmed educators’ understanding that we have a variety of different, but mutually enhancing, avenues to learning. Gardner’s "Theory of Multiple Intelligences," suggests that individuals perceive the world in at least eight different and equally important ways. Research suggests that the more senses we use, the deeper and broader the degree of learning. Innovative teachers regularly use musical, intrapersonal, kinesthetic, interpersonal, auditory and visual learning styles to supplement the learning experience for their students.
The 15 Keynotes are sales fundamentals that provide proven sales knowledge to novices as well as seasoned sales professionals. The 15 Keynotes guide sales professionals through the fundamentals of attitudes, beliefs, sales planning, staying focused, connecting to customers and identifying their needs, creating value and credibility, integrating passion and strengths into the sales process, assuming the sale and asking for referrals. 
Drawing from this research, the “Sound Selling Audiobook™” effectively interweaves all of these elements, providing a verbal listening experience, a visual experience with the included workbook, an integrating musical experience, and a kinesthetic hands-on experience. “These are powerful tools that solidify learning and retention,” explains Collins. “The ground breaking Sound Selling Audiobook™ program improves sales performance by using these modalities in expressing the fundamentals of sales techniques in a fun, simple and convenient way.” continues Collins. 

This unique learning experience is why the “Sound Selling Audiobook™” is receiving such enthusiastic accolades from sales professionals around the country. Kevin Hallenbeck, president of BestSalesPeople.com, an affiliate of the Sandler Sales Institute said, "Effective selling is about having the proper mindset, your “Sound Selling Audiobook™” gets right to that point. For many who struggle with their attitude and belief about sales, this program makes a huge difference!" Nate Lindquist, president of Varuna Design & Advertising, LLC said, "Your Audiobook not only focuses on key fundamentals for my team, it simplifies the process of learning into a relaxing meditation and a feel that allows me to look forward to listening to it over and over again! You've invented a series of affirmations and positive reminders, instead of a hard sell motivational piece. We learned from it and we did so in a very comfortable way!" Joseph Jarnutowski, president of System Development Company relates that this Audiobook is a “concise, convenient tool for any sales team to use. It is a fresh approach that has brought us great success.” The “Sound Selling Audiobook™” is available on an Enhanced CD, “See What You Can Hear”, as an educational and motivational tool for sales professionals, sales managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, executives or anyone involved in the process of dealing with customers or sales prospects. Additional details, Keynote samples, the Professional Sales IQ sales competency questionnaire included with program and information on an upcoming Spanish version and purchasing information are available at www.CollinsEducational.com. For people and companies looking to integrate this approach into their personal sales development, volume discounts are available as well as customized facilitator assistance provided by the people at Collins Educational. Call (603) 479-6060 or email Info@CollinsEducational.com for information. Available at most bookstores, also at AMAZON.com, CollinsEducational.com and wholesaler Baker & Taylor. ISBN 0-9746871-2-X.

   DIGITAL RELEASE  via The OrchardAward-Winning line up enhanced with new content and rerecordedPDF now in Español & English available at iTunes 

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